The Impact Collection is a library of 304 impacts, whooshes, swells, static, rises and zaps all designed with trailers and promos in mind. These sounds were designed using anything I could hit, bang, rumble and smash. In the process I destroyed a couple tools and put a healthy dent in a spare refrigerator, not to mention the smashing of dozens of plates as well as my neighbor’s leftover ceramic tiles. After recording all of my source material I got to work on building pre-made impacts in various ways as well as adding a healthy dose of plug-in abuse. Thanks for listening.

The source material used in this library was all recorded and mastered at 24bit/96kHz. Please note that some of these impacts have multiple versions allowing you to vary them. All of these sound effects are metadata-embedded wav files that can be read by Pro Tools, Soundminer and Basehead.

Impact Collection Metadata PDF
Impact Collection Metadata XLS

Impact Collection BRFX-005 $40
24bit/96kHz - 304 Sounds - 1GB Download

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