I enlisted a few family members, friends and colleagues to head into the booth and leave their inhibitions at the door. What started as a, “screams only” collection, soon expanded into a larger body of work due to some of the stuff they were doing in between takes, be it laughter or snorts. Once I decided to do more than just screams, I came up with a laundry list of vocal effects I wanted everyone to try. I was impressed with their willingness to let it all out, although nobody was willing to let me videotape them while they were doing it. Some of the more comedic sounds were just too good to leave out. I also gained a new appreciation for tea and honey after recording my personal screams.

These vocal effects were all recorded and mastered at 24bit/192kHz, to allow you to pitch, stretch and squeeze to help create a wide variety of effects going beyond just simple screams. 24bit/96kHz files included as well. All of these sound effects are metadata-embedded wav files that can be read by Pro Tools, Soundminer and Basehead.

Scream Collection Metadata PDF
Scream Collection Metadata XLS

Scream BRFX-004 $25
24bit/192kHz - 434 Sounds - 530MB Download

The Scream Collection is currently available at asoundeffect.com