Drones 5.1 is a collection of 32 drones, atmospheres and ambiences ranging from ethereal to ominous capable of evoking a wide range of emotions. If you are looking to set the tone for your horror or sci-fi project you can find it here. There are 13 base drones as well as alternative versions of many of the drones to give you options in case a certain sound competes with other elements of your mix. Instead of using only virtual instruments or synths I’ve also tried to incorporate organic, instrumental and real world sounds. Many of the effects have a combination of guitar, voice, percussion and interior ambiences as well as synth sounds. These drones also come with a stereo downmix for your stereo projects as well.

Drones 5.1 Collection Metadata XLS

Drones 5.1 BRFX-001
24bit/96kHz - 32 Sounds (32 Surround / 32 Stereo Downmixes) - 4.61GB Download
(this library is broken up into four manageable zip file downloads)

The Drones 5.1 Collection is currently available at asoundeffect.com